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salzburgresearch_schriftzug_weissis an independent, innovation-driven research & technology organisation (RTO) in the area of information technologies (IT). The institute sees itself as a visionary thinktank, connecting networker and professional research partner.The different research groups provide consulting in technical IT and innovation issues and conduct research in national and international research programmes and on behalf of the industry.

How Secure are (Bicycle) Infrastructures?

Salzburg Research investigated various methods, bicycle safety and comfort in road traffic can be reliably and meaningfully recorded and assessed with. mehr

IoT ist mehr als das “1001. Protokoll”

Am 04.05.2017 traf sich die Salzburger IoT-Community zu den 8. IoT-Talks. Die Vorträge der Abendveranstlatung im Techno-Z Salzburg widmeten sich IoT-Andwendungen im industriellen ... mehr
Graffiti-Aktion Christian Doppler

So Cool Can be Physics: Graffiti Action to the Doppler Year

On the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the Doppler Effect, Salzburg Research organized a youth program with pupils from the Christian Doppler Gymnasium Salzburg and Prague. mehr
Christian Doppler

175 Years Doppler Effect

In 1842 the Salzburg physicist Christian Doppler published the Doppler Effect named after him for the first time. In the jubilee year 2017 a worthy digital monument emerges: mehr

9th IT-Businesstalk: Digital Technologies as the future of companies

The 9th IT-Businesstalk devoted to the furture topic "Business as usual? How platforms and blockchain change business models". mehr

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Smart Summer: Technology & IT-Holidays

Technology and IT at a very special holiday offer: to be creative for three weeks in workshops and to sniff into technical professions. For interested girls and boys between 12 and 16 years. mehr

Digitization in Maintenance

Industry meeting for pioneers in the areas of digitalization and industry, to discuss the possibilities and limitations of digital technologies. mehr

9th IoT Talks Salzburg: Maintenance & IoT

In the context of “IoT Talks”, solutions, practical examples, applications, standardization activities or business ideas are presented and discussed. mehr

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8th IoT-Talks Salzburg

In the context of „IoT Talks“, solutions, practical examplex, applications, standardization activities or business ideas are presented and discussed. mehr

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