Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft - Die Landesforschungsgesellschaft von Salzburg

salzburgresearch_schriftzug_weissis an innovation-driven, application-oriented research & technology organisation (RTO) in the area of information technologies (IT). The institute, owned by the Province of Salzburg, conducts leading edge research and develops market-relevant innovations for companies, industry and public administration.

Instandhaltungskonferenz 2018

Instandhaltungskonferenz attestiert Digital Twins eine hohe Relevanz

Digital Twins bildeten ein Schlüsselthema bei der 5. Instandhaltungskonferenz in der voestalpine Stahlwelt in Linz. more

Support With Digitization

Preserving the vision of digitization is not always easy, even for innovative companies. We offer neutral, vendor-independent know-how: more
AAL-Praxiskonferenz: Die Vortragenden

Digitization Solutions for the Aging Society

AAL Practice Conference: Information from the practical operation of AAL solutions in more than 500 Austrian households. more

Salzburg Research at the ICT 2018

Salzburg Research will be involved with several projects at the ICT 2018, Europe’s key event for research and innovation in information and communication technology (ICT). more
Makersalon im Rahmen der Mini Maker Faire Salzburg 2018

DIY as a Source for Business Innovation

Success stories from the currently unfamiliar collaboration between companies and Makers. more

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12th IoT-Talks: Data – Fuel and Vehicle for the Internet of Things

Methods, technologies and application examples for collecting, transporting and evaluating data in the Internet of Things. more

Exclusive Training: innovate! active

Benchmark and success factors to increase innovation performance with best practices from the Innovation Leader. more

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Austrian AAL Practice Conference 2018: From Practice to Practice – AAL Made in Austria

Information from the practical operation of AAL solutions in over 500 Austrian households and insights into digitization solutions for the aging society. more

Mini Maker Faire Salzburg and School Maker Days 2018

The premiere of the world-famous festival in Salzburg was a complete success. In autumn, the creative festival in Salzburg will be entering its second round and looking for many cool projects, innovative start-ups and experimental makers. more

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