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salzburgresearch_schriftzug_weissis an independent, innovation-driven research & technology organisation (RTO) in the area of information technologies (IT). The institute sees itself as a visionary thinktank, connecting networker and professional research partner.The different research groups provide consulting in technical IT and innovation issues and conduct research in national and international research programmes and on behalf of the industry.

ICT Competence in the Science:City Itzling

Governor Wilfried Haslauer convinced himself of the current research work at the Science:City Itzling. more

We are looking for: Researcher – eHealth

For the long-term reinforcement of our team in the MOWI department, we are looking for a Researcher in part or full time – eHealth more

Project Completion Report: Wireless Broadband Options in Rural Regions

A new project final report provides options for broadband expansion in the Province of Salzburg. more
Kooperation Fachhochschule Salzburg und Salzburg Research- Urstein Foto: FH/Kolarik Andreas 04.09.2017

Partnership for IT Research: University of Salzburg and Salzburg Research

Salzburg Research and the University of Applied Sciences of Salzburg sealed a future-oriented partnership for the Salzburg site. more

We are looking for: System-/Webadministrator

For our IT infrastructure, we are looking for a long-term reinforcement (partial or full-time) in the field of system/web administration. more

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4th Maintenance Conference

The maintenance conference compresses industry know-how in one day and shows the perfect mix of best practice coupled with visionary solutions for the entire maintenance management and the organization. more

9th eHealth Day: Technologies for the Generation 60+ – Findings From the Test Region of ZentrAAL

How can apartments be adapted to enable self-determined aging in their own four walls? The 9th eHealth Day presents the findings from the test region of ZentrAAL. more

10. IoT-Talks: Digital Twins

“Digital Twins” (digital images of real products and systems) and the role of the Internet of Things.


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Smart Summer: Technology & IT-Holidays

Technology and IT at a very special holiday offer: to be creative for three weeks in workshops and to sniff into technical professions. For interested girls and boys between 12 and 16 years. more

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