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Transmission quality of intercom functions

The transition to increasing wireless communication networks significantly changes their characteristics. Salzburg Research develops a measurement system for network quality for Commend International.

Commend International GmbH, a globally recognized major supplier of integrated intercom systems, has been developing and manufacturing security and communication solutions for the protection of people, buildings and property for over 50 years. In order to remain at the forefront of digital developments, the company relies on collaboration with researchers.

Communication networks are becoming increasingly heterogeneous: where historically only wired networks were used, mixed forms or even completely wireless networks are being implemented more often. This opens up new application possibilities, but also significantly changes the properties of communication networks.

On behalf of Commend, Salzburg Research is investigating a suitable monitoring of the performance characteristics of communication networks necessary for intercom functions and how 5G mobile networks influence these performance characteristics. The measurement system for voice/video data streams supports the reliable and trouble-free transmission of safety-relevant intercom functions. To this end, Salzburg Research defines performance sets that must be adhered to in third-party communication networks. In addition, 5G slicing is being developed to ensure flawless intercom functionality in 5G networks, as well as a measurement and monitoring solution to oversee the necessary network characteristics.

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