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This was the Citizen Debate on Automated Mobility in Salzburg

Almost 170 people discussed the potential of automated mobility on April 6, 2019 in Vienna, Linz, Graz, Pörtschach and ... more

Communication Solution for Flexible Production Systems

Innovative communication solution for future flexible production systems based on the TSN (Time-Sensitve Networking) sta... more
IMM Speeddating

Industry meets Makers #IMMgoesWest

Industry meets Makers, an open innovation community building format, opens up new collaboration models between the top i... more
Digitalisierung Sport

Digital Sports: Potentials and Hurdles for the Sports Industry

New study: Potentials, opportunities and challenges for companies in the sports, leisure and wellness industry in the Al... more
Winterdienst entlarvt Funklöcher in Salzburg

Winter Services are Looking for Dead Zones

With the support of Salzburg Research, the state of Salzburg is looking for blind spots in the mobile broadband service ... more

International Citizen Dialogue on Automated Mobility

Driving without steering wheel? In the province of Salzburg already tested reality. What’s next with automated driving... more

Pilot Phase DOIT: Idea-rich Conclusion

The European initiative DOIT, led by Salzburg Research, aims to inspire children and young people between the ages of si... more
Innovationschallenge: Workshop mit Lego Serious Play

Business Models for Innovation Projects

Serious Play: Input workshop on methods and tools for developing business models and supporting business model innovatio... more

Whitepaper: The Digital Transformation of Maintenance

How can digitization be used in maintenance? Which procedures and considerations are important? What influence do digita... more
Nimble Project

NIMBLE B2B platform

NIMBLE platform explained in one minute: more
Smarter Skischuh mit Atomic Connected App

HAWX ULTRA CONNECTED: Smart Ski Boot for an Improved Ski Experience

At CES 2019, Atomic presented a smart, digital ski concept developed jointly with the University of Salzburg and Salzbur... more

Annual Review and Christmas Action 2018

Salzburg Research can look back on a successful year in 2018 and donates again to the Anna-Bertha-Königsegg School for ... more
Freude am Sport: Salzburg Research/

Damit Sport Spaß macht: Smarte Sportprodukte

Sport should be fun – only then will it become an integral part of the lifestyle. The new COMET project Digital Motion... more

Youth as Social Entrepreneurs

A European research project helps to inspire young people for social innovation and to communicate entrepreneurial think... more

Support With Digitization

Preserving the vision of digitization is not always easy, even for innovative companies. We offer neutral, vendor-indepe... more

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Jun 04 2019

Qualification Workshop: „Trends in Logistics: Augmented Reality, Process Mining and Blockchains“

Free qualification workshop for SMEs within the framework of the research project KMU4.0 (Interreg Bavaria-Austria) more

May 27-31 2019

Learning Excursion to the „proto_lab“ of the TH Rosenheim

Learning excursion for SMEs within the framework of the research project KMU4.0 (Interreg Bavaria-Austria 2014-2020). more

May 21 2019

12th IoT-Talks: Data – Fuel and Vehicle for the Internet of Things

Methods, technologies and application examples for collecting, transporting and evaluating data in the Internet of Things. more

May 16 2019

Qualification Workshop: „Digital Transformation to KMU 4.0“

As part of the research project KMU4.0 (Interreg Bavaria-Austria 2014-2020), Salzburg Research and Partners are offering a free qualification workshop for small and medium-sized enterprises.


May 16 2019

Forum Digital Mobility Salzburg 2019

Discuss with us the topics “traffic information and traffic management” and “automation in mobility”. more

May 15 2019

MINT:labs Science City Itzling

University of Salzburg and Salzburg Research open their doors: Interactive STEM labs for students on science and technology. more

Apr 11 2019

10th IT Business Talk: No Business Without Security

Salzburg Research and invite you to the 10th IT Business Talk on the topic “No Security Without Business”. more

Apr 06 2019

Citizen Dialogue on Automated Mobility

Driving without steering wheel? In the province of Salzburg already test reality. But what about the future of automated mobility? Discuss with us! more

Mar 21 2019

Process Mining – Recognizing, Monitoring and Improving Living Processes: The New Trend in Business Process Management

Free qualification workshops for SMEs within the framework of the research project KMU4.0 (Interreg Bavaria-Austria 2014-2020). more

Feb 25 2019

DTZ Workshop: Blockchain in Logistics

Free workshop within the Digital Transfer Center more

Feb 19 2019

KMU 4.0 Learning Excursion to the Smart Factory Lab

Free learning excursion for SMEs as part of the SME 4.0 research project (interreg Bavaria-Austria 2014-2020). more

Jan 22 2019

KMU 4.0 Qualification Workshop: „The Robot – My Digital Colleague“

Free qualification workshop for SMEs within the framework of the research project KMU4.0 (Interreg Bavaria-Austria 2014-2020). more

Dec 13 2018

Webinar: More Girls in Makerspaces and MINT

How do you get more girls for maker deals? Webinar with Sandra Schön. more

Nov 29 2018

Salzburg Innovation Conference 2018: How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used in Companies

Renowned experts give an insight into what AI can do now and how it is used in companies. more

Nov 15 2018

Austrian AAL Practice Conference 2018: From Practice to Practice – AAL Made in Austria

Information from the practical operation of AAL solutions in over 500 Austrian households and insights into digitization solutions for the aging society. more

Nov 13 2018

5th Maintenance Conference

The maintenance conference compresses industry know-how in one day and shows the perfect mix of best practice coupled with visionary solutions for overall maintenance management and organization. more

Nov 10 2018

Mini Maker Faire Salzburg and School Maker Days 2018

The premiere of the world-famous festival in Salzburg was a complete success. In autumn, the creative festival in Salzburg will be entering its second round and looking for many cool projects, innovative start-ups and experimental makers. more

Nov 07 2018

Canceled: From Customer to Creative Fan with Cowdfunding

Unfortunately, the crowd business seminar had to be canceled. more

Oct 18 2018

Maker Day Saalfelden

The Maker Day Saalfelden combines traditional crafts and technologies of the future and aims to arouse interest in MINT and ICT topics and the enjoyable use of materials and digital tools in a playful way. more

Oct 18 2018

Digital Life: Dishonest and Hateful – What to do About Chevy and Mobbing Online?

Threats, bullying and incorrect information: The internet has become a verbal battleground with serious consequences for those affected. This panel discussion will discuss how to deal with hounding in the net. more