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Long Night of Research 2018 (Lange Nacht der Forschung): Our Stations

On the 13th of April the time has come again: at the Long Night of Research, the largest national science event, researchers open their research rooms and laboratories to the general public. The following stations await you here. more

Study results: Smart Assisted Living – Findings of AAL Research

How well do technologies support self-determined living? The result of the Salzburg test region “ZentrAAL” have now been published.


Workshop: Wireless Narrow Band Technologies

On February 8, Salzburg Research hosted a workshop on „Wireless Narrowband Communication in the Context of the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine Communication“. more

Wolfgang Kremser, Gewinner des Science Slam Salzburg

Wolfgang Kremser Rocks the Science Slam

Salzburg Research researcher Wolfgang Kremser triumphs at the Science Slam Salzburg. more

We are looking for: Intern (part-time/full-time)

From now on we are giving away a varied internship for at least 3 to 6 months. more

Looking for Pioneers for Real-Time Traffic Information

Financial subsidy from the state: subsidies for companies with a car pool of at least 20 vehicles. more

Salzburg Know-How for a Secure Internet of Things

Networked systems in the Internet of Things open up new opportunities for businesses. more

Feasibility Study: Textbooks as Open Educational Resources (OER)

Are the textbooks of the future freely accessible to all? A study on OER textbooks in Austria shows the opportunities and risks of changing the system. more

We are looking for: Researcher (m/f) – 5G communication

For the long-term reinforcement of our team in the ANC department, we are now looking for a partial / full researcher (m/f) – 5G communication.


Good Deeds at Christmas: Our Christmas campaign 2017

Salzburg Research looks back on a successful year 2017 and donates again to the Anna-Bertha-Königsegg School for Christmas. more

Survey: AAL Vision 2025

Survey on the development of a vision for Active and Assisted Living (AAL)/age-appropriate assistance systems in Austria by 2025. more

Speeddating at BeSt Trade Fair

Two researchers of the Salzburg Research met the questions of pupils at the dialog event of the BeSt trade fair. more

Certification According to ISO 9001:2015

The management system of Salzburg Research has been certified to ISO 9001 since 2008. In November the change to the new standard took place. more

Salzburg Innovation Conference 2017

Small tips and tricks can trigger change and make the innovation process more efficient, cheaper and faster. An overview was given by the Salzburg Innovation Conference. more

Results: Technology for the 60+ Generation

Over 15 months, different AAL technologies were tested in Salzburg. The results and findings were presented at the 9th e-Health Day. more

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Apr 13 2018

Lange Nacht der Forschung 2018 (The Long Night of Research)

Salzburg’s research is once again at its best: current projects, the latest findings and technologies are presented in a clear and descriptive way – live and with free admission. more

Apr 10-12 2018

Maintenance Days 2018

Industry meeting: Excellent maintenance as THE engine for manufacturing companies. more

Mar 11-13 2018

Exclusive Training: innovate! active

Benchmark and success factors to increase innovation performance with best practices from the Innovation Leader. more

Mar 02-23 2018

Maker Days for Kids

Salzburg Research organizes in cooperation with the Stadt:Bibliothek (city library) and the association Spektrum again the Maker Days. Under the guidance of Maker professionals, children and adolescents can develop their own ideas and bring them into analogue and digital form. more

Mar 01 2018

Workshop in Saalfelden: Digital Innovation for Craft & Trade in Open Workshops and IOT Research Lab

Do you really want to make your products “smart” while testing new sensor technologies and the like of the Internet of Things? Bring your ideas and design with prototypes in 3D form and simply print? Tinker with others about suitable materials and determine the roadmap to the market or start-up? Workshop in Saalfelden. more

Feb 27 2018

Workshop in Salzburg: Digital Innovation for Craft & Trade in Open Workshops and IOT Research Lab

Do you really want to make your products “smart” while testing new sensor technologies and the like of the Internet of Things? Bring your ideas and design with prototypes in 3D form and simply print? Tinker with others about suitable materials and determine the roadmap to the market or start-up? Workshop in Salzburg. more

Feb 08 2018

Wireless Narrowband Communication in the Environment of the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine Communication

Digital transformation is finding its way into almost all areas of life and industry. To harness this data, wireless machine-to-machine communication plays an important role. Workshop on the current state of technology and innovative applications. more

Feb 01 2018

IoT4CPS: Public Kick-off Event

Interactive Workshop on innovations in the two application areas Connected & Autonomous Vehicles and Industry 4.0 more

Jan 30 2018

10. IoT-Talks: Digital Twins

“Digital Twins” (digital images of real products and systems) and the role of the Internet of Things. more

Jan 25 2018

Cancelled: isn Crowdfunding Seminar in Salzburg

The seminar was cancelled. See here for more information. more

Nov 16 2017

9th eHealth Day: Technologies for the Generation 60+ – Findings From the Test Region of ZentrAAL

How can apartments be adapted to enable self-determined aging in their own four walls? The 9th eHealth Day presents the findings from the test region of ZentrAAL. more

Nov 16 2017

Salzburg Innovation Conference 2017

Get an overview of simple innovation methods at the Salzburg Innovation Conference and learn how to use them immediately in your company! Participation is free.


Nov 07 2017

4th Maintenance Conference

The maintenance conference compresses industry know-how in one day and shows the perfect mix of best practice coupled with visionary solutions for the entire maintenance management and the organization. more

Oct 18 2017

Forum Invent

With which patent and trademark protection do I lead my product to success? Which partners and grants are there for patents, trademarks and intellectual property? more

Sep 20 2017

57th Innovation Pool

How can companies identify the necessary changes and actively shape change management? more

Sep 19 2017

9th IoT Talks Salzburg: Maintenance & IoT

In the context of “IoT Talks”, solutions, practical examples, applications, standardization activities or business ideas are presented and discussed. more

Sep 19 2017

Digitization in Maintenance

Industry meeting for pioneers in the areas of digitalization and industry, to discuss the possibilities and limitations of digital technologies. more

Sep 10 2017

Test Runs with the Digibus

Salzburg Research always offers public test runs with the self-running minibus in Koppl – please enter! more

Jul 17 2017

Smart Summer: Technology & IT-Holidays

Technology and IT at a very special holiday offer: to be creative for three weeks in workshops and to sniff into technical professions. For interested girls and boys between 12 and 16 years. more

Jun 28 2017

DSI: New Innovation Mindset for a Better World: How do Digital Technologies Support Social Innovation?

The Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft is conducting a research project on “Digital Social Innovation” (DSI) on behalf of the Science Department of the State of Salzburg (September 2016 – July 2017). more