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Christian Doppler knowledge platform

175 years ago the Salzburg scientist, Christian Doppler, published a ground-breaking discovery: the Doppler effect. To this day, it is the basis for numerous fields of application and Nobel Prize. mehr

SMEs: Labs support technological innovation

New Interreg project Labs.4.SMEs promotes the collaboration of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with labs (fablabs, digital labs, etc.). mehr

2. Design Service Jam – from the idea to the prototype in 48 hours

From 17 to 19 February 2017 the Global Service Jam took place for the second time in Salzburg Citiy. mehr

Call for Makers: Erste Mini Maker Faire

We are looking for creative Makers for the first Mini Maker Faire Salzburg. mehr

Visit of State Secretary Muna Duzdar

On Friday, 17 February 2017, Secretary of State Muna Duzdar paid a visit to Salzburg Research. mehr

We are seeking: IT Administrator

To strengthen our team in the department of technology, we are looking for an IT administrator (m / f) in part-time (15 hrs / week) mehr

Women and men are differently ill

Salzburg Research is currently developing a gender-sensitive diabetes application. Project partner Alexandra Kautzky-Willer has now been named Scientologist of the Year. mehr


New traffic app: Become a StauFux!

With the new app “StauFux” you are informed about the traffic situation on Salzburg’s road in minutes and at the same time support traffic planning. mehr

Weihnachtsaktion 2016 der Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft: Geschenke für die Anna Bertha Königseggschule für Schwerstbehinderte in Salzburg

Not talking, but still communicating! Christmas Action 2016

Also in 2016, we donate learning and funding technology for the Anna Bertha Königsegg School for children with increased material requirements. mehr

We are looking for: Researcher (m/f)

To strengthen our team in the IoT department, we are looking for a full-time researcher (m/f). mehr

We are looking for: Researcher (m/f)

To strengthen our team in the MOWi department, we are looking for a full-time researcher (m/f). mehr


We assign an internship in the field of system set-up and evaluation

To strengthen our team in the Mobile and Web-based Information System (MOWI) department, we are now looking for a full-time scientific assistant. mehr

update Newsletter

Update 4|2016

Salzburg Research reports quarterly on current research topics, projects, events and publications. The current newsletter “update 4|2016″ is available for download. mehr

Autonomes Fahren: Selbstfahrender Minibus in Salzburg; Salzburg Research

Test series with self-propelled minibus in Salzburg before approval

Who will control our vehicles in the future? Great public interest in panel discussions. In 2017 the self-propelled minibus returns to Salzburg. mehr

Video: These were the Maker Days Vol.2

In November 2016, Salzburg Research, in cooperation with the city library Stadt:Bibliothek and Verein Spektrum organizes a sequel to the “Maker Days”. mehr

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May 18 2017

Save the Date: 9. IT-Businesstalk

The 9th IT-Businesstalk from Salzburg Research and is dedicated to the topic „Business as usual? How Platforms and Blockchain Change Business Models”. mehr

May 12 2017

Day of the open Science City

Numerous organizations in and around the Science City Itzling open their doors to the public on 12 May 2017. mehr

May 04 2017

8th IoT-Talks Salzburg

In the context of „IoT Talks“, solutions, practical examplex, applications, standardization activities or business ideas are presented and discussed. mehr

Apr 27-29 2017

Maker Days and Mini Maker Faire® Salzburg

Making in Salzburg: Trying, learning and discovering at the MakerDays workshops and the first mini-maker Faire® Salzburg. mehr

Apr 04-06 2017

Maintenance days’17: On the way to future-orientation maintenance

Salzburg Research is once again a cooperation partner of the Maintenance Days, the annual branch meeting point for maintenance and asset management. mehr

Mar 27-28 2017

5th M2M/IoT Forum CE: Presentation of the study „Industry 4.0 in Austria“

50 lecturers – including Salzburg Research – and 20 practical examples will enable to experience the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, AI, SmartCity, SmartHealth and SmartFarming at the 5th M2M/IoT Forum CEE. mehr

Feb 17-19 2017

Design Service Jam – from the idea tot he prototype in 48 hours

The Global Service Jam takes place for the second time in the city of Salzburg in 2017. Small teams are developing new service ideas by means of design thinking – LEARNING, DOING, NETWORKING and much FUN. mehr

Jan 30 2017

Isn Crowdfunding Seminar in Salzburg | Early Bird Action!

From the idea to the successful implementation: Crowdfunding as a modern financing form offers a wide range of opportunities for start-ups, but also established entrepreneurs. mehr

Jan 24 2017

7th loT-Talks Salzburg

As part of “IoT Talks” solutions, practical examples, applications, standardization activities or business ideas are presented and discussed.


Dec 13 2016

Save the Date: Digital life: Automated driving

Salzburg Research organized as part of the event series “digital life” of the Platform Digital Salzburg a panel discussion entitled “Automated Driving – The Future of Mobility”.


Nov 25 2016

Maker Days Vol.2 at Stadt:Bibliothek

Analog meets digital: 3D modeling and pressure, upcycling, design and much more for children and adolescents. Maker Days Vol.2 in cooperation with the city library and the club range. mehr

Nov 22 2016

Innovation Conference 2016: Arbeit. Forschung. Leben – Work.Research.Life

The Innovation Lab invites within the ITG Innovation conference to the free practical workshop “Mindset for Innovation”.


Nov 07 2016

8. e-Health Day: IT in depression in old age

Depression of elderly persons typically is detected either not at all or only very late. It arises mostly as a psychological reaction to manifestations associated with age. The 8th e-Health Day Salzburg shows how ICT technologies help to detect signs of depression how older people with depressive can be episodes supported by personalized, age-appropriate interventions. mehr

Sep 22 2016

6. IoT Talks Salzburg: IoT-Plattforms

The IoT Talks offer a platform to present and discuss solutions, practical examples, applications, standardization activities or business ideas. mehr

Jul 25-29 2016

SummerITWeek for Girls and Boys

During the SummerITWeek young people aged 12-16 yrs will check out professions in information technology, experience what a 3D printer can do, develop games, apps and a robot, and visit IT enterprises in Salzburg. mehr

Jun 08 2016

IMAGINE16: AAL as Lifestyle

At the IMAGINE16, AAL Austria presents concepts, products and services which improve quality of life for people in all stages of life. mehr

Apr 22 2016

Long Night of Research 2016

Numerous research institutions, universities and organizations throughout Austria open their doors and present exciting research projects and results. mehr

Nov 26 2015

7th e-Health Day Salzburg

The 7th e-Health Day Salzburg is focusing on “Technologies for the Generation 60+ – insights into different pilot projects“. mehr

Sep 27-29 2015

11th Conference of European Regions and Cities, Salzburg

The Conference dealt with the question of survival strategies for regions and cities in an increasingly globalized world.


Apr 09 2015


Invitation to the Global IoT Day Event in Vienna. This event will link up people, companies, universities and institutions to share their knowledge, experience, resources and contacts to improve the cooperation in the field of IoT in Europe. mehr