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Best Paper Award for NIMBLE Development

The Salzburg Research researcher Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt was awarded the Best Paper Award at ICDGTS 2017 in Spain.


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Newsletter 2|2017

Salzburg Research reports quarterly on current research topics, projects, events and publications. The current newsletter “update 4|2016″ is available for download.


How Secure are (Bicycle) Infrastructures?

Salzburg Research investigated various methods, bicycle safety and comfort in road traffic can be reliably and meaningfully recorded and assessed with. mehr

Graffiti-Aktion Christian Doppler

So Cool Can be Physics: Graffiti Action to the Doppler Year

On the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the Doppler Effect, Salzburg Research organized a youth program with pupils from the Christian Doppler Gymnasium Salzburg and Prague. mehr

Christian Doppler

175 Years Doppler Effect

In 1842 the Salzburg physicist Christian Doppler published the Doppler Effect named after him for the first time. In the jubilee year 2017 a worthy digital monument emerges:


9th IT-Businesstalk: Digital Technologies as the future of companies

The 9th IT-Businesstalk devoted to the furture topic “Business as usual? How platforms and blockchain change business models”.


Digibus: österreichs erstes selbstfahrendes Fahrzeug

Test Austria’s First Self-Propelled Vehicle

Enjoy autonomous driving at first hand: The Digibus – Austria’s first self-propelled vehicle – on public roads rolls in Koppl.


Best Paper Award for CARIMO-System

A research team from Salzburg Research received the Best Paper Award at the ICT4AWE in Portugal.


9. IT-Businesstalk

9th IT-Businesstalk

Trends in platforms and new payment models: challenges, abstacles, opportunities and success strategies mehr

Tag der offenen Science City

Day of the Open Science City

Visit us on May 12th, 2017 from 3 pm to 8 pm, get in touch with our researchers and try out new technology.


We are looking for: Intern (15-38.5 hrs/week) in Accounting and Human Resources

In order to reinforce our team in the PRW department, we will be providing a varied internship from 1 June 2017. mehr

This was the first Mini Maker Faire

The festival for creatives was a complete success. Around 800 people of all ages worked and tweaked on 29 April. The youngest exhibitor was 13 years old. mehr

The Digibus is in Koppl

The self-propelled minibus has become a real Salzburg citizen. He drives as the first autonomous vehicle on public roads. mehr

First Mini Maker Faire in Salzburg

Festival of (digital) creativity, innovation and inspiration on April 29, 2017. Everyone is welcome, free admission. mehr

We are looking for: Researcher – communication technologies

To strengthen our team in the ANC department, we are looking for a Researcher – communications technologies.


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Sep 19 2017

9th IoT Talks Salzburg: Maintenance & IoT

In the context of “IoT Talks”, solutions, practical examples, applications, standardization activities or business ideas are presented and discussed. mehr

Sep 19 2017

Digitization in Maintenance

Industry meeting for pioneers in the areas of digitalization and industry, to discuss the possibilities and limitations of digital technologies. mehr

Jul 17 2017

Smart Summer: Technology & IT-Holidays

Technology and IT at a very special holiday offer: to be creative for three weeks in workshops and to sniff into technical professions. For interested girls and boys between 12 and 16 years. mehr

Jun 28 2017

DSI: New Innovation Mindset for a Better World: How do Digital Technologies Support Social Innovation?

The Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft is conducting a research project on “Digital Social Innovation” (DSI) on behalf of the Science Department of the State of Salzburg (September 2016 – July 2017). mehr

Jun 22 2017

Test Runs with the Digibus

Salzburg Research always offers public test runs with the self-running minibus in Koppl – please enter!


Jun 07 2017

Impulse evening: Knowledge, attitude and activities for digital transformation in Austrian companies

Results of the current study “Industry 4.0 in Austria”: 68 companies present a current picture of the diverse perspectives of the domestic economy. mehr

Jun 01-03 2017

Christian Doppler Anniversary Symposium

175 years Doppler Effect: Symposium on the Doppler Effekt and the famous Salzburg scientist.


May 23-24 2017

Media educational conference

Not only in our day-to-day life, but also in the kindergarten and in the school media become more and more present. How we deal with this in a pedagogically appropriate way is the topic of the media-pedagogical conference. mehr

May 18 2017

Save the Date: 9. IT-Businesstalk

The 9th IT-Businesstalk from Salzburg Research and is dedicated to the topic „Business as usual? How Platforms and Blockchain Change Business Models”. mehr

May 12 2017

Day of the open Science City

Numerous organizations in and around the Science City Itzling open their doors to the public on 12 May 2017. mehr

May 04 2017

8th IoT-Talks Salzburg

In the context of „IoT Talks“, solutions, practical examplex, applications, standardization activities or business ideas are presented and discussed. mehr

May 03 2017

Save the Date: 4th FCD Forum

Applications and usage scenarios of Floating Car Data (FCD) from different angles + future theme Automated driving. mehr

Apr 27-29 2017

Maker Days and Mini Maker Faire® Salzburg

Making in Salzburg: Trying, learning and discovering at the MakerDays workshops and the first mini-maker Faire® Salzburg. mehr

Apr 25 2017

Series of events: Digital Life

Where do we stand on the road to becoming a “media-aware citizen”? This is the question of the new issue of the “Digital Life” series of events. mehr

Apr 04-06 2017

Maintenance days’17: On the way to future-orientation maintenance

Salzburg Research is once again a cooperation partner of the Maintenance Days, the annual branch meeting point for maintenance and asset management. mehr

Mar 27-28 2017

5th M2M/IoT Forum CE: Presentation of the study „Industry 4.0 in Austria“

50 lecturers – including Salzburg Research – and 20 practical examples will enable to experience the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, AI, SmartCity, SmartHealth and SmartFarming at the 5th M2M/IoT Forum CEE. mehr

Feb 17-19 2017

Design Service Jam – from the idea tot he prototype in 48 hours

The Global Service Jam takes place for the second time in the city of Salzburg in 2017. Small teams are developing new service ideas by means of design thinking – LEARNING, DOING, NETWORKING and much FUN. mehr

Jan 30 2017

Isn Crowdfunding Seminar in Salzburg | Early Bird Action!

From the idea to the successful implementation: Crowdfunding as a modern financing form offers a wide range of opportunities for start-ups, but also established entrepreneurs. mehr

Jan 24 2017

7th loT-Talks Salzburg

As part of “IoT Talks” solutions, practical examples, applications, standardization activities or business ideas are presented and discussed.


Dec 13 2016

Save the Date: Digital life: Automated driving

Salzburg Research organized as part of the event series “digital life” of the Platform Digital Salzburg a panel discussion entitled “Automated Driving – The Future of Mobility”.