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Human Motion Analytics

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Elisabeth Häusler
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Human Motion Analytics

User-Centered Movement Data Analytics

Motion is an omnipresent aspect of our lives and an essential component of innovations in the areas of health, sports and fitness. We analyze motion data from a variety of data sources. Using methods from signal processing, statistics and machine learning, we evaluate data quality, identify movement patterns and develop models. This detailed knowledge about the quality of movement enables novel applications for users – to increase health, performance, safety or the enjoyment of movement.

Technologies & Methods:

  • Technologies for the collection of human movement
  • Data analysis and development of algorithms for the evaluation of human motion quality
  • Prototype development for measuring the effects of interventions
  • Secure and sustainable research data management

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Success Stories

Better learning with body gestures

If learning is combined simultaneously with movements, learning success demonstrably increases. Salzburg Research developed a method to test the correct performance of gesture-assisted learning automatically and without special hardware.


Survey in the Mobile Environment with the Mobile Diary App

Carrying out unobserved surveys is an important prerequisite for the user-centered development of innovations. In order to be able to carry out reliable individual investigations in the field, Salzburg Research developed a “Mobile Diary” software framework with partners.


Smart Technology Keeps the 55+ Generation Fit

Keep moving – this is how health can be maintained well into old age. Together with partner organizations, Salzburg Research showed in a large field test how smart technology can support and motivate the 55+ generation.


Optimized Sports Experiences through Body Sensor Networks

Sport is about efficient execution of movement for encouragement. In order to support this digitally with the help of sensors, Salzburg Research and partners developed the “SensorHub”, a distributed sensor platform for setting up so-called Body Sensor Networks.


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