Person geht auf einer Lauffläche während Daten analysiert werden

Context-Sensitive Analysis of Human Movement Data

  • How can you digitize human movement in order to gain meaningful insights and to develop user-centered services and products?
  • Which sensors can be used to efficiently record movement data in everyday surroundings – at the workplace, in the production environment, during leisure time or during rehabilitation?
  • How do you filter relevant events in movement behaviour – while skiing, in the work environment, while sleeping?

We answer questions about evaluating the quality of human movement in order to increase the experience and well-being of various target groups. For this we rely on professional data recording in the familiar environment of the users as well as on the latest scientific methods.

Your Added Value

  • From the Idea to the Data Pipeline:
    We translate your product requirements to data requirements. We find suitable sensor systems for your application, set up an appropriate data infrastructure that complies with data protection regulations and design apps and dashboards to make the data usable for you.
  • From Data to Knowledge:
    We develop algorithms based on the latest technology. Whether ski turns, work steps or movements while sleeping: we identify and evaluate relevant events so that you can offer your users new insights into their movement behavior. Everything with the claim of scientific rigor and practical feasibility.
  • Data Management:
    Our experience with data collection in the field shows: efficient data management is a basic requirement for successful data product development. With our specialized data platform, data can be collected and managed sustainably and in compliance with data protection regulations.
  • All from a Single Source:
    Our team consists of software engineers, data engineers, application developers and data analysts. Our agile way of working allows us to react quickly to new results and changed requirements. With your domain expertise, you are involved in the development process.

Our Offer

We support you in product development and/or in opening up new data sources for innovations:

  • Customized, data protection compliant data acquisition for the selection of sensor systems suitable for the individual application
  • Efficient data management for sustainable collection and management
  • Agile working method for an efficient development of the solutions
  • Novel insights into movement behaviour by utilizing data and identifying relevant events with the help of apps and dashboards
  • Interdisciplinary research and practical expertise for manufacturer-neutral and independent support for your data project

Areas of Application

Human movement data supports application in the following areas:

  • Sport & Fitness: e.g. optimization of healthy exercise and daily routines
  • Health: e.g. injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Industry & mobility: e.g. workplace health promotion and safety at work

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