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System-Related Data Strategy for Optimized Production and Maintenance Processes

For an international Austrian industrial company, Salzburg Research developed a data strategy for the collection and use of system-related data with a focus on the operating and maintenance processes. This means that maintenance measures can be planned in advance, capacities can be better utilized and quality can be ensured through stable production processes.


With the help of sensors and IT interfaces, systems can be integrated into production ecosystems. The aim is to overcome existing barriers between the control systems on the shop floor (OT) and the company’s IT world (IT). The aim is optimized, trouble-free operation and life cycle-oriented asset management of the technical systems.

Mayer & Co Beschläge GmbH (MaCo) wanted to ensure the best possible data integration with existing and future IT systems to optimize production and maintenance processes when a new assembly line was commissioned.


In order to systematically plan the possibilities of digitization and the networking of the system, Salzburg Research was commissioned to develop a data strategy for system-related operating and maintenance processes.

Together with the company’s technical experts, methods and principles for the identification, storage, provision, integration and regulation of data were developed. From this, Salzburg Research developed a data strategy with a focus on the operating and maintenance processes. The strategy links product, system, production, quality and maintenance data. In addition to the technical aspects of data integration, roles and responsibilities for collecting and managing data in the company were also defined.


Salzburg Research served as a product-neutral companion, technology scout, idea generator and innovation partner in the process. The data strategy makes a contribution to improving the production processes from an economic point of view so that downtimes occur largely in a planned manner, capacity is better utilized and quality is ensured through stable production processes. The data and interfaces modeled by Salzburg Research can also be transferred to other systems.

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