Performance Evaluation for Digital Infrastructure

  • How well does a digital solution fit your problem?
  • How reliably does your digital solution solve your customer’s challenges?
  • In which environments can problems arise for your solution?
  • Do the communication networks adequately support my requirements?
  • Will my distributed application work correctly in a wide variety of environments?

Salzburg Research enables well-founded and manufacturer-independent answers to these questions by means of individually adapted tests for performance evaluation for communication networks and distributed software applications. Both developers and users of digital solutions benefit from this:

Your Added Value

  • Decision support before and during the procurement process: precise specification and objective evaluation
  • Better decision-making quality when introducing/replacing software thanks to neutral measured values in targeted, independent tests in the actual operational environment
  • Acceleration of the integration process or Go Live process by 30% with a cost saving potential of 40% to 90% (source: Gartner Go-Live study 2019); uninterrupted operation, even with the integration of new functions
  • Increase in quality by identifying weak points and the causes of errors by emulating data streams in a distributed communication network
  • State-of-the-art solution proposals based on the latest know-how from research
  • Security and reliability of complex, digital products through coordinated hardware, software and network specifications

Our Offer

For developers of digital solutions:

  • Stress test for digital solutions: evaluation of the performance of applications, network quality and reliability, detection of weak points
  • Evaluation of new functions
  • Identification of the scaling potential of a solution

For users of digital solutions who want to recognize problems/behaviour of the system in real time:

  • Evaluation process that can be quickly implemented and adapted to your individual needs: One-time performance evaluation of the current situation, continuous live monitoring during operation, data analysis, visualization and/or advice.
  • Neutral evaluation and advice in the procurement process with state-of-the-art know-how from research and practice – manufacturer-neutral and industry-independent.

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