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Assessment Of The Quality Of Cycling Infrastructures

For the targeted further expansion of the cycle paths in an Austrian state capital, Salzburg Research determined an objective data-based assessment in order to identify those areas with the greatest need for action.


Bicycle infrastructures are often developed in very different quality. While there are new cycle paths in some places, cycle paths are either completely absent or in poor condition elsewhere. For the targeted further expansion of the cycle path infrastructure, the Office for Urban Planning and Traffic in an Austrian capital required an objective, data-based assessment.


With the help of digital technologies, Salzburg Research identified the areas with the greatest need for action in the cycle path network. Test riders cycled a total of 3,000 kilometers of cycling infrastructure. Extensive data on the routes, the driving sequence and vibrations were collected using smartphones. These data were referenced by Salzburg Research with the help of the software suite FlowMotion on a digital model of the cycle path network.

Using the vibrations, the ride quality was rated in a ten-meter grid on the basis of a four-stage scale (good, medium, bad, very bad) and visualized on a map. In addition, the number and duration of stops can be recorded, as these significantly impair the progress of cyclists. If necessary, the assessment can be carried out again at regular intervals so that the effect of the measures can be seen.


The client received an objective, easily interpretable evaluation of the cycle path network and can use this evaluation as a basis for an expansion or renovation plan. The evaluation on a four-point scale allows a prioritization of measures.

Through this data-based assessment by external, independent experts, political decision-making processes can be supported and an objectively prioritized package of measures can be put together. A recurring assessment can also objectively demonstrate the effect of structural measures.

This quality measurement of the bicycle infrastructure can be offered to other cities and municipalities in Austria if interested.

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