Touristen in Regionen

Visitor Management in Tourism

  • Where do your guests come from and how do they move around the region?
  • How long do your guests stay where and where do they go afterwards?
  • Where are the neuralgic points of interest, how are they combined by the visitors and where need control measures to be taken?
  • What effect would a steering measure have?
  • Which nudging concepts are suitable for which problems in visitor guidance?

Salzburg Research offers detailed answers to these questions by means of innovative solution approaches with our expertise in the fields of visitor flow measurement, visitor flow analysis and visitor guidance. Benefit from complete process support and our rich pool of methods.

Your Added Value

  • Get to know your guests even better and understand their specific needs and goals
  • Effective and efficient access to data and smart control options
  • Provide well-founded and targeted incentives for attractive alternatives (nudging concepts)
  • Optimise visitor capacities and protect nature and recreation areas
  • Cost optimisation through reduced staffing for restrictive and operational measures
  • Easily adaptable visitor management through a broad monitoring mix with ongoing evaluation of management measures
  • Win-win-win situations between tourism enterprises, visitors and locals

Our Offer

For destinations and individual companies such as museums, event organisers, operators of excursions and  destinations and transport infrastructure, who are looking for support in visitor management through innovative approaches and solutions to current challenges:

  • Together with you, we identify specific use cases and precisely fitting data sources for the most automated, efficient and cost-effective data collection possible (e.g. mobile phone data, user-generated data from smartphone apps, sensor technology, WiFi tracking, etc.).
  • We use data monitoring to make visitor flows tangible, validly measurable, easier to plan and easy to understand through compact analysis.
  • We work with you to develop capacity-optimised utilisation for tourist hotspots (outdoor + indoor) and take a look into the future using forecast models and simulations.
  • Together with you, we develop well-founded and targeted incentives for attractive visitor guidance mechanisms (innovative nudging concepts).
  • We work with you and your stakeholders to develop recommendations for innovative visitor management to the advantage and benefit of all parties involved.
  • We offer seamless support from data acquisition to evaluation.

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