Corporate Values and Mission Principles

Our corporate values


In our eyes, connecting means building bridges – between science and business, between theory and practice, and between the national and international research landscape. We believe in synergistic, value-oriented and mutually beneficial collaboration, whether with our clients, other research institutions, political bodies, interested young researchers, or within our own organisation.


We take unconventional approaches to analysing problems and finding potential solutions. The open working environment at Salzburg Research always gives us the opportunity to think outside the box and be creative. A high degree of flexibility and autonomy gives us leeway to develop exciting new projects. We thereby increase the innovative strength of our organisation and improve our clients’ chances of success.


Adopting a visionary mindset and visualising future scenarios is the essence of all research institutions. To this end, we identify technological trends and turn them into innovative ideas for business and society. This innovative drive also rubs off on the companies that we collaborate with. We thereby open up new avenues and play a pioneering role in the development of technological innovations.


In our eyes, being professional means having a clear orientation towards meeting the requirements of our clients. Our research is conducted in the context of the application, with the aim of generating added value for companies, their customers and the location of Salzburg as a whole. Our many years of experience, both in technology development and scientific work, provide a reliable basis for our work.

Our mission

ZielscheibeApplied IT research, technology development and consulting

  • Salzburg Research is a non-profit research institution
  • owned by the state of Salzburg.
  • Our main fields of research are information technology and new media.
  • We conduct user-oriented research with a specific purpose for our clients.
  • Quality-orientation and regular evaluation are essential components of our work.
  • Our teamwork is defined by transparent leadership.

zahnraederOur objectives

  • We develop internationally competitive knowledge and ensure that our research competencies add value to the field of science, the economy and society.
  • ­We thereby contribute towards strengthening the business location of Salzburg.
  • ­We facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology in the Salzburg region for the benefit of society and the population.
  • Small and medium-sized companies that do not have their own R&D departments benefit from the expertise within our national and international project partnerships.

PartnerOur partners

  • Meeting the requirements of our research, support and business partners is our top priority.
  • We measure the quality of our work by how satisfied our partners are with our services.
  • Our ability to maintain successful national and international scientific partnerships reflects the high standard of our research.
  • In its role as the owner of Salzburg Research, we see the state of Salzburg as a key partner for strategic development.
  • The close collaboration with our business partners guarantees the profitable transfer of knowledge and technology.
  • We strive to establish intensive partnerships with departments at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg University, Mozarteum Salzburg and other research institutions.

MitarbeiterOur employees

  • The quality of our services is based on the competence, dedication and team-working skills of our employees.
  • We believe in lean organisational structures and decision-making paths.
  • ­We see mutual respect and open communication as key factors for ensuring the quality of work.
  • Furthermore, we help our staff to develop their skills on a continuous basis.
How to find us
Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft
Jakob Haringer Straße 5/3
5020 Salzburg, Austria