Smart Region & Mobility

Smart Region & Mobility

From Data to Value: Sustainable solutions in public spaces

The world around us is characterised by an increasing variety of mobility opportunities. Trends such as individualisation, networking, urbanisation or the ecological footprint influence the way people, things and goods move. This has a major impact on services, infrastructure and the shaping of the environment. Salzburg Research is researching and developing digital technologies and services in order to better understand movement, to link future technologies with existing mobility systems and thereby enhance them, and to promote sustainability in the public space.


Success Stories

Visitor management in tourism in Salzburg

Data-based visitor flow analyses are the basis for smart steering measures in tourism. Salzburg Research is creating a system for the automatic monitoring of movement flows in Salzburg’s Old Town and is developing, simulating and evaluating incentive systems for targeted visitor guidance measures.


Digital Idea Management for Urban Tourism Mobility

The solutions to a problem do not always lie within one organization, but they do exist. Salzburg Research answered key questions for a tourism organization about the balance between guests and locals using open innovation.


Evaluation Of Lost Times In Public Service

Salzburg Research analysed travel time losses in public bus transport for the transport department of an Austrian provincial government. On the basis of this objective detailed assessment, the effect of a new bus lane could be demonstrated.


Assessment Of The Quality Of Cycling Infrastructures

For the targeted further expansion of the cycle paths in an Austrian state capital, Salzburg Research determined an objective data-based assessment in order to identify those areas with the greatest need for action.


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