About us

Salzburg Research is an independent, innovation-driven research & technology organisation (RTO) in the area of information technologies (IT). The institute sees itself as a visionary thinktank, connecting networker and professional research partner.The different research groups provide consulting in technical IT and innovation issues and conduct research in national and international research programmes and on behalf of the industry.

With it’s research groups, competence centers, and competence fields, Salzburg Research covers a vast area of scientific expertise. Our strength lies in a successful interdisciplinary combination of different fields ranging from technological research and development to socio-economic strategy and market research and target-group specific coaching and communication measures.


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Research Departments

Competence Centers
Industrial competence centers are research and transfer institutions with a high concentration of industrial and scientific research competencies. They offer businesses the opportunity of select research services and swift implementation into the industrial process. This allows for an efficient intensification and implementation of existing scientific competencies. In addition to research and development, market analyses and knowledge transfer, our competence centers also offer our business and research partners distribution, commercialization and international networking services. Salzburg Research is/was co-ordinator of the following Competence Centers:

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