Supervisory board

The supervisory board consists of six representatives elected by Salzburg Research’s General Assembly as well as of three employee representatives. The supervisory board functions as a controlling body of the management and is responsible for reviewing the annual accounts as well as the general company guidelines.


  • KommR Dr. Bernd Petrisch

Members of the Supervisory Board (from 01.12.2014)

  • Dr. Gabriele Gadermaier
  • DI Stefan Linsinger (from 14.03.2016)
  • Mag. Marianne Kusejko
  • Willi Rehberg
  • Mag. Raimund Ribitsch
  • DI Georg Güntner (Chair of Works Council)
  • DI (FH) Elisabeth Häusler (Employee Representative)
  • DI (FH) Georg Panholzer  (Employee Representative)