Memberships and Networks

Salzburg Research is member in the following networks and boards (selection):



  • Forschung Austria
    Austria’s umbrella association for non-university research.
  • AAL AUSTRIA: Ambient Assisted Living
    The aim of AAL AUSTRIA is to link the heterogeneous stakeholder landscape in the area AAL, the establishment and development of an Austrian AAL community, and to promote the visibility of the issue AAL at all levels of public perception.
  • OCG – Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft
    The OCG is a non-profit association whose members include representatives from the fields of science, IT applications and education as well as IT companies and single researchers. It’s objective is to promote information technologies with due regard to their effects on man and society.
  • ITS Austria
    ITS Austria is a national initiative by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. It aims to foster telematics in Austria and serves as an information and know-how exchange platform between politics, infrastructure operatores, economy, industry, research and development.
  • STEV Austria
    STEV Austria is a platform for everybody interested in software quality. The exchange of experiences is assisted and encouraged with informal meetings, seminars and conferences. The STEV president represents Austria within the international EOQ Software Group.
  • evolaris next level
    Evolaris was founded in 2000 as an independent research and development institution for interactive media. Salzburg Research is member of the Business & Scientific Board.
  • Secure Business Austria
    Secure Business Austria is an industrial research center for IT-Security founded by the Vienna University of Technology, Graz University of Technology and University of Vienna. Salzburg Research is member of the scientific board.
  • Verband Content Industries
    Der Verband “Content Industries” ist ein Verein zur Unterstützung, Erforschung, und Vernetzung österreichischer und internationaler Inhalte und Anwendungen in der Breitbandkommunikation.
  • Health Leven Seven – HL7-Österreich
    HL7  Österreich supports electronic communication in health care with the use of the international standards ofHealth Level Seven (HL7).


  • WissenschaftsAgentur Salzburg
    The WissenschaftsAgentur specializes in knowledge transfer. It serves as an interface between university and society and communicates findings and needs of both parties. Salzburg Research is a supporting member of the WissenschaftsAgentur.
  • ITG – Innovationsservice für Salzburg
    Association for promoting the collaboration of science and economy and fostering the innovation potential of Salzburg’s companies.
  • Plattform Digitales Salzburg
    Association of Salzburg’s leading multimedia institutions with the aim of shaping and guiding the future of digital television in Salzburg.
  • GIS-Cluster Salzburg
    GIS-Cluster Salzburg is a network of scientific institutions and SMEs with an emphasis on geo information in the State of Salzburg.
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