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Quality measurement of cycling infrastructure

Digital measurement of the cycling infrastructure as a neutral basis for decision-making for future planning and targeted improvement.

For environmental protection and sustainability, cycling is the best means of transport for short to medium distances. In order to increase the share of cycling and contribute to the achievement of climate goals, targeted measures are needed to expand and improve the existing cycling infrastructure. With Bike Quality, Salzburg Research uses digital technologies to identify the areas with the greatest need for action in a network of cycle paths.

Your added value

With Bike Quality, quality parameters of the cycling infrastructure can be measured. This provides traffic planning with:

  • a neutral decision-making basis for future planning and targeted improvement of the cycling infrastructure.
  • Investments to improve the cycling infrastructure can thus be made in a targeted manner and
  • the attractiveness of cycling can be increased.

Our offer

Using a smartphone attached to the bicycle handlebars, vibrations and shocks are recorded during the ride. In addition to the surface quality, speed and typical stops, including the duration of the stop, are also identified. All collected data is referenced to a digital road graph (Graph Integration Platform – GIP).

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