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Does the Communication Network Support my Application? Successful Troubleshooting in Digital Systems

An Austrian company developed a time-critical one-to-many push voice service.At an international financial service provider, unlike other customers, the voice clients repeatedly had inexplicable dropouts.Salzburg Research simulated the service with virtual measuring points and measured the connection.In this way, the error could be identified and rectified quickly.


An Austrian company developed a time-critical one-to-many push voice service. This service is used by numerous companies around the world. For example, in a highly secure environment for an international financial service provider.

In this environment, unlike other customers, the voice clients repeatedly had inexplicable dropouts. Neither the company, the financial service provider nor the provider of the communication infrastructure were able to identify the reason for the malfunctions. Since the financial service provider could not work with the available quality, the company threatened to lose its customer and thus an entire market segment of financial service providers.


Salzburg Research used distributed measuring points at the various locations of the financial service provider. These measurement points simulate the company’s one-to-many push voice service. In parallel, these connections were measured and the problems systematically narrowed down to individual participants.

This enabled packet losses to be clearly identified and assigned to one of the communication infrastructure providers. Thanks to a new configuration proposal from Salzburg Research for one of the network components, the packet loss was eliminated and the service operated in the usual quality.

Salzburg Research used the MINER test software, which enabled us to systematically reproduce, limit and identify the error.


With the help of Salzburg Research, the Austrian manufacturer of voice clients was able to quickly prove that the source of the error was in the network and not in the software. With the help of the recommendations of Salzburg Research, parameters for the communication network were redefined to ensure the quality of the transmission.

The financial service provider was then one of the company’s most satisfied customers. With this reference customer, further customers could be won in this segment. The new market for financial service providers could be expanded to 10% of the total business based on these customers.

The test orchestration tool has also been used in various other applications, including to evaluate a software solution offered for an international logistics company or to evaluate broadband availability in an area.

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