Automatisierte Detektion von Störungen

Automated live fault diagnostics in energy and telecom networks using third-party data

Salzburg Research determines the potential of third-party data for rapid automated fault diagnostics in energy and/or telecommunication networks.

  • Which external data are suitable for fault diagnosis?
  • Is the quality of the external data suitable for the respective application?
  • Which algorithms enable fault diagnosis from the external data?

Your added value

A more detailed fault diagnosis is usually associated with the use of special hardware. When using third-party data, on the other hand, no hardware is necessary to improve your own fault diagnostics.

  • Real-time fault diagnostics
  • No or very low costs
  • Independent diagnostic system through the use of a third-party system
  • Creation of added value for both parties through the mutual exchange of data

Our offer

For operators of electrical distribution networks:

  • Live detection of low-voltage network failures caused by failed telecom equipment.
  • Telecom equipment reports end of power grid failure
  • Are customers’ connections also supplied again after the fault has been rectified?
  • Better customer service through improved situational awareness

For operators of telecom networks:

  • Live information on customers’ and own systems affected by the power blackout
  • Live information on the end of the medium-voltage/high-voltage failures
  • No fault diagnostics necessary during power outages

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