Visions of the Future Awarded: Ideas for Sustainable Shipping

At the beginning of June, in the Villach region, the winners of the idea competition “Wave ahead! Shaping the future of Ossiacher See Shipping with us,” held on the idea platform IdeaSpace by Salzburg Research, were awarded. As part of the regional branding process, Ossiacher See Shipping and the Villach – Faaker See – Ossiacher See Region invited them to actively shape the future of Ossiacher See Shipping.

Shipping on Lake Ossiach has a long and proud history in Carinthia and is now ready to explore new waters. Driven by such trends as sustainability, energy efficiency, service innovation, changing leisure behavior and digitalization, shipping is facing new challenges and opportunities. The IdeaSpace competition invited creative minds to shape shipping for future generations.

Concrete, feasible solutions were sought to address the following issues:

  • Sustainable connected infrastructure: How can shipping and wharves, as cultural heritage, be better connected with the regional infrastructure on Lake Ossiach and in Villach and be more sustainably promoted?
  • Shipping in the digital world: How can digital elements be used to make the experience and comfort more interesting and interactive for passengers?
  • Service waves of enthusiasm: Which new offers, activities and catering concepts can make the Ossiacher See shipping and wharves an attraction for new target groups?

80 ideas for the future of the Ossiacher See Shipping

Eighty ideas were submitted to Salzburg Research’s open innovation platform IdeaSpace. The submission phase was followed by an evaluation by the online community. After that, the ideas were presented to the renowned expert jury. The ideas were evaluated according to predefined criteria and were recently awarded in a ceremony.

“When awarding the prize, the jury was spoiled for choice. I am very pleased that we received such great ideas and were able to further develop them in an innovation workshop. Together with many stakeholders, we are very motivated to develop the future for Lake Ossiach Shipping. Thank you to Salzburg Research for the great collaboration. A special thank you to the participants of the competition. ” says Josef Nageler, Managing Director of Nageler Schifffahrt & Restaurant GmbH & Co KG.

Zwei Gewinner des Ideenwettbewerbs Welle voraus auf der Ideenplattform IdeaSpace von Salzburg Research
Two winners of the ideas competition Welle voraus on the IdeaSpace platform of Salzburg Research (c) Region Villach Tourismus/Manfred J Schusser

Among the winners were:

  • First place: “The sustainable ship – we look to our lake – the ship as a green oasis” from the 2nd classes of TS Carinthia
  • Second place: “A boat trip for true connoisseurs: wine lovers” by Juergen Reinert
  • Third place: “Art and Culture Ships” by Frank Dobbert
  • Fourth place: “Mystery Cruise – The interactive cruise with AR” by Manuel Limper

Innovation workshop: From ideas to implementation

At the innovation workshop in Ossiach, the winning ideas of “Welle voraus!” were discussed in more detail with Ossiacher See Schifffahrt, Region Villach – Faaker See – Ossiacher See, experts from the region and students from KTS Villach and the first steps for their implementation were developed.

Congratulations to the winners and good luck with your future ideas!

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