Cooperation for interdisciplinary research in Salzburg

“EXDIGIT – Excellence in Digital Sciences and Interdisciplinary Technologies”, an institution of the Faculty of Digital and Analytical Sciences (DAS) at the University of Salzburg, aims to strengthen interdisciplinary research skills in the field of digital sciences and interdisciplinary technologies in Salzburg. The interdisciplinary interconnection of key technologies such as artificial intelligence, data science, geoinformatics and human-computer Interaction is intended to strengthen and increase the critical mass at the Salzburg location.

From basic research to application: Cooperation with Salzburg Research

An important aspect is the close cooperation between the University of Salzburg and Salzburg Research for the purpose of using synergies and strengthening the transfer from basic research at the university to the application orientation at Salzburg Research. In addition to working on joint research projects, cooperation includes the sharing of infrastructure and the joint promotion of young scientists, among others, in the fields of Non-Parametric Statistics/Medical Data and Smart Grid/Intelligent Energy Systems.

EXDIGIT: Interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit an der DAS Fakultät

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