Salzburg Research Wissensbilanz 2023/24

Successful year for Salzburg Research: Knowledge balance sheet 2023/24

Salzburg Research takes a look back on an extremely successful year 2023. With an operating performance of around 6. 86 million euros and the successful implementation of almost 80 research projects in collaboration with 243 partner organizations, we have established ourselves as a leading research institute.

“The past year 2023 has been a special year for Salzburg Research. Awards and successes emphasize the excellence of the research teams as well as the relevance and quality of our work,” said managing director Univ.-Doz. Dr. Siegfried Reich.

Siegfried Reich, Geschäftsführer der Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, mit der aktuellen Wissensbilanz des Forschungsinstituts (c) Salzburg Research

Annual report with knowledge balance sheet

Every year, we publish current figures, data and facts in the form of a knowledge balance sheet. Knowledge balance sheet captures and evaluates intangible assets, i.e. intangible factors that are significant to the company’s success, such as the team’s experience, relationships with clients and partner organizations, research and innovation, or awards won.

Outstanding awards

The high quality and excellence of Salzburg Research’s work have been recognised by five prestigious awards in the past year. Particularly noteworthy are the first place at the Houska Prize, Austria’s largest private prize for application-related research, as well as the award at the Urban C-ITS Contest for the pioneering role in the integration of traffic information systems between the city and the surrounding area.

Innovative large-scale projects won and launched

Salzburg Research was able to win attractive large-scale projects for Salzburg in 2023. With the COMET project “Digital Motion next level” and the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) “Crowd-in-Motion”, new innovations are being initiated and developed for companies in the region.

Knowledge balance sheet: Highlights

The team of the Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft consisted of 79 employees in 2023. In terms of full-time equivalents, there was a slight increase in the number of employees (+ 5. 1 percent), the number of scientific staff (+ 6. 4 percent) and the number of scientific staff of international origin (+ 14. 1 percent). The number of applicants in Research & Development increased sharply (+41. 8 percent). The training of existing staff also increased: training days increased by about half a day per employee, nine people were working on their doctoral thesis or habilitation in 2023.

In 2023, the research institute generated operating revenue of around 6.86 million euros (+ 12.5 percent). Salzburg Research worked with and for 243 partner organizations, including an increasing number of companies (+ 8.6 percent), in 79 research and development projects. We recorded further growth in direct commissions (+ 11.8 percent) and research activities with financial participation from companies (+ 26.7 percent).

The research resulted in 44 publications in peer-reviewed media, including 14 journal papers. The researchers supervised eleven Master and seven Bachelor students, as well as eight student internships. The researchers of Salzburg Research were invited to numerous lectures and presentations at conferences, workshops and events (+16. 5 percent). Media interest was also high: 564 times the media reported on Salzburg Research and its research work (+20. 6 percent).

To knowledge balance sheet :

Salzburg Research researches information and communication technologies for the energy and mobility transition in order to increase added value and efficiency in a wide range of application areas. Through innovative research approaches and sustainable solutions, the research institute aims to improve competitiveness and the quality of life in the region and beyond.

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