Mission Green: An Idea Competition for Sustainable Tourism

“Mission Green: Your visions for the smart (re)use of resources in tourism” – this is the title of the new idea competition on the idea platform from Salzburg Research IdeaSpace.cc.

Have you ever thought about how many tonnes of food are thrown away in tourist areas? How many piles of laundry are washed or sorted out every day?

Do you also agree that this needs to be changed?
Do you have a good idea how to stop the waste of resources with the help of digital technologies? Or how could discarded raw resources be used elsewhere as materials?

Submit ideas now

Until July 2024 you can submit your ideas in IdeaSpace in these three categories:

  1. Food Resource:
    What can (digital) solutions to help use or avoid surplus food look like? What innovative approaches are there to develop new products from unused foods or to make them usable in other industries?
  2. Textile Resource:
    How can the upcycling of discarded textiles be promoted? How can textile waste be prevented?
  3. (Awareness) creation:
    What initiatives could help the public, businesses and their employees as well as tourists to be more aware of the responsible use of resources?

Valuable rewards are awarded for the best ideas. The regional association Pongau and the association Lebens. Wert. Pongau also want to turn the best ideas into reality – with you on request!

Register now and make the future of tourism more sustainable!

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