WS2 – Combining Intelligent and Adaptive Hypermedia Methods/Techniques in Web-Based Education System

International Workshop on Combining Intelligent and Adaptive Hypermedia Methods/Techniques in Web-Based Education Systems
Workshop theme
There have been a great number of research efforts in designing and implementing web-based education systems that offer personalized education. Personalization concerns educational activities/facilities, like lesson planning, teaching content specification, student evaluation, student collaboration, class monitoring, educational resources recommendation, test generation, etc. Personalization is achieved by using methods/techniques coming from two main sources: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Adaptive Hypermedia (AH). AI methods/techniques include: knowledge representation (KR), expert systems, AI planning, machine learning, etc. AH methods/techniques include: adaptive text presentation, adaptive link annotation, etc. Also, recently, Web-oriented AI techniques, like web usage mining or filtering techniques, have been emerged. Furthermore, Semantic Web is a source of additional intelligent techniques. So, web-based intelligent/adaptive education systems that combine an AI method/technique either with another AI method/technique or with an AH method/technique for implementing the same or different educational tasks seem to be an interesting research direction.
Workshop objective
The objective of the workshop is to bring together researchers and developers of web-based education systems to exchange experiences and ideas on how intelligent methods/techniques can be combined with either themselves or adaptive hypermedia methods/techniques for more effective personalized education.
Submission deadline
The initial deadline for paper submissions is June, 12th 2005. For details about the submission process and more information about the workshop, see
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