Posters & Demos at ACM Hypertext 2005

HT05 invites submission of high-quality posters and demonstrations presenting novel research, experience, tools, systems, techniques or methods in all topics of the main conference. This is an ideal platform for researchers and practitioners to present their work and receive valuable feedback.


Posters are a great way to communicate more informally with the hypertext community. Unlike papers, which must represent finished work that is a substantial contribution to the field, a poster is a great way to test new ideas, generate interest in a research area, or describe useful or interesting work that is not substantial enough for a paper presentation.


Demonstrations aim is to communicate inventive hypermedia developments in action. Product demos are welcome, as well as demonstrations of research projects, prototypes and testbeds. The equipment required for the demonstration must be provided by the presenters. A limited number of projectors will be available on a first-requested basis by the conference organizer.


Posters and demonstrations are interactive! A special session will be scheduled during which poster and demonstration presenters will be available for discussions. A slide show about posters and demonstrations will be displayed during the breaks of the conference, in order to attract attendees. Each poster will receive a 1.2m (width) x 1.5m (height) panel, and each demonstration a 1.8m x 0.6m desk along with a panel. Handouts of projects or systems can be distributed to conference attendants or included in the conference documentation material, if provided in time.


Poster and demonstration proposals should be submitted as a 2-page PDF file using the conference paper format ( ). Authors should detail the content, significance, and novelty of their work. If available, preliminary results can also be included. Demonstration proposals can include a third page for screenshots. Please send your submissions by e-mail to the posters and demonstrations chair: Michalis Vaitis, Demonstration proposals should also include space, network, power or projection needs (at the e-mail body).
All submissions will be reviewed by members of the program committee of the conference. At least one person must register for the conference for each accepted poster or demonstration.

How to find us
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5020 Salzburg, Austria