WS1 – Adaptive and Personalized Semantic Web

International Workshop on Adaptive and Personalized Semantic Web
Web Personalization can be defined as any set of actions that can tailor the Web experience to a particular user or set of users. To achieve effective personalization, organizations must rely on all available data, including the usage and click-stream data (reflecting user behaviour), the site content, the site structure, domain knowledge, as well as user demographics and profiles. In addition, efficient and intelligent techniques are needed to mine this data for actionable knowledge, and to effectively use the discovered knowledge to enhance the users’ Web experience. These techniques must address important challenges emanating from the size and the heterogeneous nature of the data itself, as well as the dynamic nature of user interactions with the Web. These challenges include the scalability of the personalization solutions, data integration, and successful integration of techniques from machine learning, information retrieval and filtering, databases, agent architectures, knowledge representation, data mining, text mining, statistics, user modelling and human-computer interaction. The Semantic Web adds one more dimension to this. The workshop will focus on the semantic web approach to personalization and adaptation.
The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners in the fields of web engineering, adaptive hypermedia, semantic web technologies, knowledge management, information retrieval, user modeling, and other related disciplines which provide enabling technologies for personalization and adaptation on the World Wide Web.

For details, please contact Spiros Sirmakessis, Assistant Professor, Computer Technology Institute (CTI),
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