Workshops at Hypertext 2005

The purpose of workshops is to provide an informal setting for participants to discuss focused topics in an atmosphere that fosters the exchange of ideas. Attendance at workshops will be limited, please contact the organisers.
The following workshops have been accepted
  1. Adaptive and Personalized Semantic Web: Sirmakessis, Spiros – University of Patras –
  2. Combining Intelligent and Adaptive Hypermedia Methods/ Techniques in Web-Based Education Systems: Hatzilygeroudis, Ioannis – University of Patras –
  3. Hypermedia and Web Engineering: Christodoulou, Sotiris – University of Patras –, Vaitis, Michail – University of the Aegean –
  4. Peer to peer and Service Oriented Hypermedia: Techniques and Systems: Sakkopulos, Evangelos – University of Patras –, Makris, Christos – University of Patras –
  5. Computational Support on Hypermedia Structures: Wang, Weigang – University of Manchester –
  6. Recombinant Information: The 1st ACM HT Workshop on Collections of Hypermedia Surrogates: Kerne, Andruid – Texas A&M University –, Nack, Frank – CWI (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica) –
  7. Narrative, Musical, Gaming and Cinematic Hyperstructure: Millard, David – University of Southampton –, De Roure, David – University of Southampton –, van Ossenbruggen, Jacco – CWI (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica), Dovey, Matthew – Oxford University, Mike Fraser – University of Bristol
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