WS4 – Peer to peer and Service Oriented Hypermedia: Techniques and Systems

1st International Workshop on Peer to Peer and Service Oriented Hypermedia: Techniques and Systems

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers that deal with the problem of envisaging „intelligent“ mechanisms and efficient techniques that provide novel approaches of modeling, indexing, searching, retrieving and engineering methods that are already applied in Peer to Peer and Service Oriented Hypermedia environments.

This workshop will be open to all aspects and applications of Peer to Peer and Service oriented hypermedia. Suggested topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Peer to peer hypermedia
  • Service oriented hypermedia
  • Application to Application hypermedia solutions
  • Discovery of Peers and/or Hypermedia Services including indexing, searching, retrieving, selecting, modeling and structuring XML data techniques
  • Application scenarios, experiences and requirements Peer and/or Service based systems
  • Quality of Peer and Quality of Service provisioning
  • Grid Services and Solutions


For details, please contact Sakkopulos, Evangelos – University of Patras, and Makris, Christos – University of Patras,

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