WS7 – Narrative, Musical, Cinematic and Gaming Hyperstructure

Workshop on Narrative, Musical, Cinematic and Gaming Hyperstructure

This workshop will bring together researchers working with media that has a high level of structural arrangement, for example: narrative, music, rhetoric, cinema and games (structures that are effected by rules about the syntactic and semantic arrangement of content at a relatively high level of abstraction).
The research community is still exploring the ways in which authoring and viewing applications might support these hyperstructural arrangements and expose them in some meaningful way so that they can be explicitly authored, used or reasoned about. While the media and the form varies, the methods are often common; such as the use of schemas, logic-rules or semantic annotation.

This workshop will be a unified forum where people researching computer support of high level hyperstructures, whatever the form, can discuss and contrast their approaches.


For details, please contact Millard, David – University of Southampton ( Further information on the workshop can be found at:

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