WS3 – Web Engineering

2nd International Workshop on Hypermedia & Web Engineering


The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and developers from academia and industry to exchange ideas about the problems they are facing during current Web / Hypermedia Projects, and to discuss good practices and successful case studies (concrete examples, designs and applications), as well as recent and innovative results in Web and Hypermedia Engineering.

Web and Hypermedia engineering have provided several important research and practical results especially during the last decade. However, very few of them have transferred to real-life projects. Engineers are unable to study all these results, since it is a time consuming task, difficult to be accomplished in the strict timeline of a project. As a consequence, web & hypermedia research results are not used adequately (if at all) during the development of current Hypermedia / Web Information Systems. As more research results come up every year, they constitute a very complex information space that itself need to be engineered, in order to be provided to developers in a meaningful and comprehensive way.

The main objective of this workshop is to survey, evaluate and discuss the current practices, techniques and theory in the engineering of modern Web / Hypermedia Information Systems. We especially encouraging submissions that emphasize the „work“ aspect based on concrete examples and designs, to facilitate discussions among participants. The expected outcome of the workshop would be a set of recommendation for methodologists, designers, and applications developers regarding the main technical problems in developing Hypermedia and Web Applications.

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Contact and paper submission

Dr. Sotiris Christodoulou
High Performance Information Systems Lab.
Computer Engineering and Informatics Dept.
University Of Patras, Greece

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