Hypertext submissions at ACM Hypertext 2005

HT05 invites hypertext submissions in its main conference program. Continuing the successful experiences of previous conferences, we seek submissions that bring into play hypertext as a medium to present and communicate research results.


Hypertext submissions have equal status with other publication categories and will be reviewed by members of the program committee according to the following criteria:

  • Quality of the contribution.
    HT05 reviewers will evaluate the presented research result in the same way as ‘normal’ papers. Trendy design is no replacement for substance.
  • Quality of design.
    Taking into consideration usage of the medium, HT05 reviewers will also assess how well hypertext has been utilized to convey that particular research result. A couple of html pages do not qualify as a hypertext submission.


We encourage all hypertext submissions to pay special attention to the following concerns:

  • Computing platform.
    What computing platform is required to read/experience the hypertext submission? Without this information, reviewers won’t be able to look at the submission.
  • External links.
    Submissions need to make sure, that links to external resources are accessible. Consider supplying local versions of critical resources (e.g. as screenshots, web archives, or Acrobat documents).
  • Bugs.
    Broken links or media equate to typos or printing errors in a paper, and risk impeding your message.
  • No size limit.
    We do not enforce any restriction on the size of hypertext submissions.


Hypertext submissions must have a coversheet with the usual title, abstract and contact details, plus any user instructions for installation. The hypertext may be submitted as an attachment or URL.

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