WS6 – Collections of Hypermedia Surrogates

Collections of Hypermedia Surrogates Recombinant Information:
The 1st ACM HT Workshop on Collections of Hypermedia Surrogates

Please note that this workshop has been canceled by the organisers.
This workshop explores the representation of surrogates and collections. Recombinant information is an approach to representing collections based on the formation of intentionally connected sets of surrogates, instead of as lists of atomized elements. Recombinant information invokes Nelson’s original concept of hypertext in its non-linear assemblage of text and images], while generalizing and extending media production practices such as collage, montage, sampling, and remix. Recombinant information assembles found elements with newly authored ones, such as annotations, to create new artifacts. The underlying goal of recombinant information practices is to express and communicate meaning.

Invited participants
This workshop invites the participation of curators, artists, librarians, collectors, and developers working with samples, surrogates, and recombinant information, including:

  • digital libraries and archives: those involved in selecting, preserving, annotating, organizing, and presenting collections;
  • ontology makers, data designers, ethnographers, and cultural theorists involved in collecting;
  • developers of adaptive hypermedia who are interested in the form of delivery;
  • developers of tangible media, responsive environments, and context-aware systems;
  • psychologists interested in memory and the cognition of visual and auditory information;
  • collage artists working with physical or digital media;
  • musicians and VJs who remix audio – video samples;
  • installation artists;
  • artists, designers, hackers, scientists, and engineers who make tools and applications to support processes of collecting and combining. This includes tools for sample-based composition, and for developing collections in any digital medium. It also includes applications that dynamically generate recombinant information from collections of information resources.

For more information The Recomimbnant Information | Hypermedia Surrogates Workshop Website
Andruid Kerne: andruid
Frank Nack: frank.nack

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