Cycling corridors into the city of Salzburg under the microscope

Salzburg Research surveys the ride quality of the most important cycling routes from the surrounding area into the city of Salzburg. The BikeQuality app, high-precision sensor technology, and our networked research bike are being used.

Housing in the city of Salzburg is scarce and expensive, and more and more people are moving to the surrounding areas. At the same time, the city of Salzburg continues to be the centre for work and supply. This leads to considerable traffic flows at the entry corridors as well as in the city. In addition, tourism, leisure and transit traffic contribute to the traffic load in the province.

Bicycles as an important component in mobility management

Cycling also plays an important role in holistic, multimodal mobility management and should therefore be made more attractive. The BikeQuality app developed by Salzburg Research for the data-based evaluation of the bicycle infrastructure has already been used to survey the ride quality within the city of Salzburg. The data was an important basis for prioritising construction and maintenance measures.

Bicycle corridors into the city are being investigated

Now the quality of the bicycle corridors Neumarkt-Salzburg, Freilassing-Salzburg as well as Bad Reichenhall-Salzburg will also be examined. For the first time, the ride quality of the most important cycling routes from the surrounding area into the city of Salzburg will be objectively evaluated. In addition to the smartphone-based recording, a high-precision sensor and a networked research bicycle are also being used. BikeQuality is being implemented as part of the urban mobility laboratory with the support of the Ministry of Climate Protection and the City and Province of Salzburg.

Bike Quality

This quality measurement of the bicycle infrastructure can be offered to other cities and municipalities in Austria if there is interest.

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The service in detail: Quality measurement of cycling infrastructure

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