SCS – Smart Campus Salzburg

As part of Smart Campus Salzburg new concepts for the decentralized balancing of energy generation, consumption and storage using a trading-based approach for energy exchange are developed and necessary Smart Grid and Internet of Things technologies are researched and validated.

New business models and the integration of renewable energies and state-of-the-art storage systems allow an additional layer between consumers and electric utilities: facility providers for example can function as mediator between electric power company and residents, resulting in a 3-layer control architecture and more varied possibilities of energy exchange.

The three key areas of this project are (1) business and acceptance models, (2) the development of a suitable event-based control architecture and (3) the development of a suitable communication system.

Salzburg Research contributes to this project through the development of innovative control architectures and communication systems based on latest technologies, protocols and middleware solutions.

Project Sheet: Projectsheet SCS engl.(pdf)
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