Open-Spirit – Study and Pilot-Demonstration of intermodal/interoperable Traveller-Information-Technologies

Innovation, pilot and demonstration study in the domain of intermodal passenger transport management

The project will focus on the development of electronic information tools on Smart Phones for
… Regional and interregional trip planning and on-trip accompaniment
… Continuous orientation and guidance of passengers, also in local indoor environments and in transfer junctions.

A representative number of public transport service operators and the relevant system providers in Central Europe will contribute to Open-SPIRIT as official project partners. Due to this unique team of actors and the mere dimension of the geographic area for which service and data coverage is available, an outstanding innovation impact and distribution can be expected.

The following results are planned:

  • System concept, open architecture
  • Personal travel companion on Smart Phone (prototype)
  • Technical concept for electronic fare and ticket management
  • Test-setups for local area passenger navigation and orientation (indoor und outdoor)
  • Results of validation of a demonstrational operation in an international framework
  • Plans of transport service operators for transfer into operations of the project results.

The presumably most significant, innovative development lies in the combination of open concepts for the IT-infrastructure in combination and in compatibility but not in contradiction to the individual business interests of the operational responsibilities of the transport service providers and their suppliers. From a product perspective, there is the intention to develop an application which has the potential to become part of the standard equipment of all Austrian Smart Phone users, i.e. the personal travel companion for public transport.

How to find us
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