(e-)Accessibility Watch

With the BarrierefreiheitsChecks accessibility test, tourism providers can find out in a mere five minutes whether their facility is handicapped accessible and what further opportunities and potentials accessible tourism offers for them. In addition, we developed a certification system for the accessibility of accommodation providers.

One of the first visible results of this project is the BarrierefreiheitsCheck on www.barrierefreiheitscheck.at: a web-based application for tourism providers to test their accessibility and the potentials of accessible tourism in real time. With this online tool, it only takes tourism providers five minutes to find out how accessible their facility is and what further opportunities and chances accessible tourism holds for them.

Certification system for accessibility

In cooperation with SalzburgerLand Tourism and the Institut Integriert Studieren of the University of Linz, e-Motion has developed a certification system for the accessibility of accommodation providers. This system allows Salzburg’s tourism providers to get certified for their respective degree of accessibility by an independent institution. This offers disabled people (e.g. in a wheelchair, with a visual or hearing impairment) as well as people with a temporary handicap (e.g. broken leg) the chance to get advance accessibility information about their holiday destination on the internet. Offering improved accessibility gives many providers a competitive edge. The accessibility of Salzburg’s tourism providers is assessed with the help of a special questionnaire (featuring 7 categories or types of handicap and 162 variables) that was developed together with representatives of all major disabled people’s associations and takes into account all relevant (construction) standards and guidelines. The pilot test for the questionnaire was carried out together with an evaluation of all relevant data. Tourism providers certified for their accessibility are specially promoted on SalzburgerLand Tourism’s sub portal http://nohandicap.salzburgerland.com, where the offers can also be booked.

English project website: http://nohandicap.salzburgerland.com

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