Digital Motion in Sports, Fitness & Well-being

DiMo focuses on human motion data analysis concentrating on assessing the quality of motion. The aim of the project is to measure and interpret motion and emotion through multi-sensor fusion – considering biomechanical, contextual and psychophysiological parameters.

Sport should be fun – this is the only way to make it an integral part of lifestyle. As part of the COMET Digital Motion competence center managed by Salzburg Research, industrial companies work with research institutes to develop smart running and skiing equipment.

Digital Motion in Sports, Fitness & Well-beeing

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A research budget of around 4 million euros is available for four years for the COMET competence project Digital Motion. Half of this budget comes from the industrial companies involved, the other half is funded by the Research Promotion Agency FFG and the Economic Department of the State of Salzburg.

The companies involved reflect the complex interplay in the sports and leisure industry: They include component producers and integrators (Suunto, Digital Elektronik, SCIO, Textilveredelung Grabher), sports product manufacturers (adidas, Atomic, Amer Sports), and service providers (ABIOS,Red Bull Media House, Bärenhof Health Center, Infineon Technologies Austria AG) and the Schladming-Dachstein destination. Research know-how comes from the Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft (Human Motion Analytics), the University of Salzburg (IFFB Sport and Movement Science and the Center for Human-Computer Interaction) and the École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Laboratroy of Movement Analysis and Measurement).

The research program covers three major topics:

  • motion data intelligence (human motion data analysis, psychophysiological data analysis, assessment of motion quality);
  • motion data interaction (communication, interaction, feedback learning);
  • demonstrators (custom / individual sports equipment, digital trainers). In particular, DiMo focuses on technological development for applications under real conditions.
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