DyMoN Webinar: An interdisciplinary view on sustainable urban mobility behaviour


November 16th 2023, 02:00-03:00 p.m.
Online via Zoom

In this webinar, we will focus on the importance of sustainable mobility within cities: In a first step, we will briefly dive into the sustainability discourse and connect it with mobility. We will learn about the tension field between negative ecological effects, economic prosperity and societal participation. A key for a systemic understanding for sustainable mobility is the spatial reference. Mobility can be defined as the opportunity and capability to move in space. Following this definition, people’s mobility is ultimately dependent on distance, accessibility, connectivity, and the design of the streetscape. The latter is particularly due to the fact that the perception of the built and natural environment influences mobility decisions.

With this in mind, we will reflect together on the following questions:

  • What exactly is sustainable mobility?
  • What are spatial aspects of sustainable mobility?
  • What kind of environment do we need to provide to make sustainable modes the “natural” option?
  • And what potentials can we unlock for a shift towards sustainable urban mobility?

Participation is free of charge. Registration required:

Dynamic Mobility Nudge Webinar Series

DyMoN Webinar Series

DyMoN webinars for an interdisciplinary view on motivating sustainable urban mobility

Sustainable mobility matters and can have a big impact: 70% of the EU population live in cities today, and this is projected to reach almost 84% in 2050. 50 billion passengers were carried by buses, trams and metros in EU cities in 2018, saving 100 million car trips every day. 6 out of 10 people aged over 15 never or hardly ever are physically active (source of statistics), with implication for overall public health costs. Active modes, such as walking and cycling contribute not only to climate protection, but also to health preservation.

Within the project “Dynamic Mobility Nudge” (DyMoN), we bring together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to support people in making sustainable choices when it comes to urban mobility.

Join us during upcoming webinars for an interdisciplinary view on motivating sustainable urban mobility. This webinar series will be accompanied by the handbook “Digital nudging for sustainable mobility” (free download upon publication in November 2023):

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