Start of Maker Days 2018 – Day 1


The Maker Days went into the next round today with the first date of this year. Under the motto “Analog meets Digital”, children and teenagers can let off steam here creatively with hammer & nail, hot glue gun or programming tools under the guidance of maker pros and recreational pedagogues.

At today’s event, the approximately 30 participants were able to craft their own 3D Cardboard glasses, create cool plant pots from waste, program with Scratch and turn MaKey-MaKey fruit into a banana piano and the city’s stairs: turning the library into a piano. At Salzburg Research Station, the children were able to gain their first 3D or virtual reality experiences. Even the parents of the young participants could not hold back on all the offers: While they initially watched at the beginning, after a short while some began to tinker and to get creative. It was also noteworthy that a pleasing number of girls took advantage of the first edition and also visitors to the Stadt:Bibliothek (city library), who spontaneously became aware of the offer, were able to work at short notice without registering.

The Maker Days 2018 are organized by Salzburg Research in cooperation with the Stadt:Bibliothek (city library) and the Verein Spektrum as well as in cooperation with partner institutions (e.g. KOMPASS – Bildungsberatung für Mädchen und Young Engineers Austria).

On Friday, March 9th, we will continue with the Maker Days: create creative Easter objects with the 3D pen “Doodler” or create creative Easter objects at the 3D printer, develop Vibrobots robots that move and build jumping robot rabbits from LEGO.

How to find us
Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft
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5020 Salzburg, Austria