With its broad range of topics dealing with key technologies in the field of ICT, Salzburg Research offers great potential for the economy.

Our research is focused on e-Tourism, e-Health, Intelligent Mobility, Knowledge and Media Management, Internet Technologies and Media & Society and offers interdisciplinary competencies in the fields of education and culture.

Technological research, development and consulting:

Software technology research

  • Conceptionalisation, design and development of software prototypes
  • Consulting and coaching service for software systems
  • Modeling, testing and engineering of IP networks
  • Evaluation of software systems

Socio-economic (ICT) research

  • Studies and consulting services in the field of ICT
  • Trend research, market analyses and development of roadmaps
  • Innovation management
  • ICT consulting

Transfer and training

  • Organisation of conferences and workshops
  • Co-supervision of diploma theses, dissertations and internships