SUEHC – Securing Urban Extramural Health Care

Optimising and securing the delivery of mobile care services in urban as well as in rural areas in case of catastrophes (for example, in case of flooding). SUEHC examines the critical infrastructure for possible disruptive figures.

Based on the current demographic and social developments an increased demand for geriatric nursing must be expected until 2030 and in consequence also for mobile social services. Although, a large proportion of the population lives in urban areas, there are as yet no studies that target specifically these regions regarding optimization and maintenance of care in cases of natural disasters. In view of density of population, disasters in such regions are special challenges. As a result in cooperation with the Austrian Red Cross this project examines the critical infrastructure for possible disruptive factors. Aim is to develop computer aided decision support systems to have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently in crisis situations. To model the urban situation in a realistic manner, a multimodal approach (walking, cycling, car, and public transport) is followed during route planning.

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