SNML-SAMY – Single Point of Access Semantic Media Repository Framework

The SAMY project (“Single Point of Access Semantic Media Repository Framework“) deals with typical problems of historically grown media art archives. Its goal is to develop generic solutions based on an open source software framework that supports the functionalities of an asset management system as well as the administration of semantic networks based on an ontology.

Media art archives like that of the Ars Electronica in Linz or Vienna’s basis wien cultural documentation center deal with heterogeneous, historically grown data structures. In both cases, the archives consist of a large number of digital multimedia files (images, photos, videos, sounds, music,…), texts and datasets on different people and institutions, all interlaced in complex relationships. Usually, physical (real) or digital objects and their metadata (tags, taxonomies,…) are organized in different filing systems and/or data bank systems.

In order to provide standard access possibilities for editing and sharing this kind of data and create long-time archiving solutions, archive owners are in need of a media art archive platform offering integration opportunities for existing as well as new archives. This requires the standardization of archive-spanning characteristics while keeping in mind possible peculiarities of individual archives.

The goal of SAMY is the conception, development, implementation and evaluation of generic software frameworks for media art archives. As existing systems do not meet all demands, the project deals with the expansion of an existing open source solution for media management (Fedora) and the development of a “single point of access” for the administration and access of media assets and (semantic) metadata.

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