KOMOA – Concept Study for a Mobility Observatory Austria

Mobility data is playing an increasingly important role in the development of strategies and the planning of measures. In KOMOA, a concept study is being developed for the inclusion of different data bases for the comprehensive and timely provision of situation reports on mobility in Austria.

Adequate data bases are essential for evidence-based policies and measures. However, for many challenges of mobility policy and other related policy fields, the current data situation in Austria must be described as inadequate. Ubiquitous internet, mobile sensors or extensive sensor networks and the popularity of digital services have led to a veritable flood of mobility-related data. However, the potential of this data is not yet sufficiently utilised and exploited in Austria. In addition to the partly limited availability of data, the limited access to data as well as the lack of quality and suitability of the data are considered to be major limitations.

The BMK is striving to establish a Mobility Observatory Austria (MOA), in which all mobility-relevant data of different origins and characteristics are to be made available. A Mobility Observatory is understood as a set of existing and yet-to-be-established data sources together with the associated processes of data governance, which allow a continuous observation of indicators describing mobility. KOMOA lays the foundations for a subsequent implementation of a Mobility Observatory Austria. The preparation of the concept study will be implemented step by step by a consortium of experts with the involvement of relevant stakeholders.

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