EMIP – Embedded Monitoring in IP Networks

The EMIP project offers special lectures, labs and project work for a limited number of students at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg (FH Salzburg); full time practical project with Salzburg Research (ANC)

The scientific contents of the new educational project “Embedded Systems in Telecommunications” at the School of Telecommunications Engineering (TKS) at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Technologies (FH Salzburg) is derived from the demands for skilled research personnel of the regional and national R&D partners. The objective of the proposed project “Embedded Monitoring in IP Networks –EMIP” is to train a selected number of regular FH-TKS students to be qualified for these planned R&D projects of the university and Salzburg Research (ANC), which hosts the research department of FHS/TKS.
During the last 3 years, Salzburg Research (ANC) was involved in three IST-projects (AQUILA, INTERMON, NGNi-QoS-Roadmap) and bilateral projects with Telekom Austria and other companies. For the next period of the 6th EU R&D Framework Programme, the researchers of FH-TKS and Salzburg Research (ANC) are invited to take part in four Integrated Projects and two Networks of Excellence.

Structure: The EMIP project offers special lectures, labs and project work in the 5th and 6th term for a limited number of students. During the 7th term, the students will work on a full time practical project which is a part of the R&D projects of the EMIP-partner Salzburg Research (ANC). In the 8th term (diploma), the students are able to join the new Salzburg cooperation model between the University and the FH. After completion of EMIP, the FH-students will be qualified for an additional one year study for the University-Diploma which opens the way to the PhD study.

Contents: The contents of the project is derived from actual and future R&D requirements: monitoring and measurement in IP architectures, statistics for measurements, IETF standardisation, real-time operating systems, and distributed software systems. EMIP is an additional special education for R&D interested students which is “embedded” in the regular curriculum – a value added study.

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