CaR Connect and Rescue

A software prototype for the connection of the IT of the field forces to existing in-house IT-Security systems

“Connect and Rescue” aims to develop an innovative solution in the field of state-of-the-art rescue concepts. Currently there is a gap between requirements on a rescue system and integration of current ICT developments in sensory, robust, safe and performant communication networks, information systems for rescuer and rescues, as well as in design of generic interfaces for an interaction of field forces.

CaR will develop a communication system, which facilitates digital networked coordination of field forces. For instance the narrowband voice radio will be replaced by state-of-the-art IP connectivity with higher bandwidth. This system will allow field forces (which are located e.g. via GPS) to work much more efficient and safe, under support of a mobile control station.

Furthermore generic interfaces shall help to integrate on-site systems and devices (e.g. evacuation systems in a building) seamlessly into the control system. Thus, besides the IT functionality which is brought in by the field forces (e.g. digital network, GPS location, mobile control station), also functionality of the building (e.g. integrated evacuation system) is made available in an emergency situation as support for a targeted reaction.

How to find us
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