ANET-PISI – Product Innovation in the Ski Industry

Information Technology supports Product Development

Newest ski models are tested and assessed both by professional test persons and laymen in special ski testing events. The tests are systematically evaluated and the overall test results are integrated into the product development process.

The Product Innovation in the Ski Industry (PISI) project develops a toolset to support the electronic acquisition of information as well as the exchange and the assessment of innovative ideas developed by stakeholders in the Austrian ski industry. PISI follows a two-step approach.

In a first step the project analyses which kind of information should be integrated in the product development process and how this can best be achieved.

In a second step the project examines how the requirements and experiences of so-called “lead users” can be integrated more effectively into the product development process. Lead users are the most valuable source of information for innovative product development. IT support shall automate this process as much as possible.

Enhancing radical innovation
In the field of radical innovation, PISI analyses how the findings of socio-scientific methods (e.g. focus groups, lead user management and storytelling approaches) can be incorporated electronically into the innovation value chain and radical innovation process.

How to find us
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