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Maker Day Saalfelden

Oct 18 2018

The Maker Day Saalfelden combines traditional crafts and technologies of the future and aims to arouse interest in MINT and ICT topics and the enjoyable use of materials and digital tools in a playful way.

In the mornings, the open workshop invites school classes (3rd + 4th grade VS, NMS and AHS lower grades) to participate and in the afternoon offers a program for all interested inventors, amateur hobbyists, technicians and curious ones.

The Maker Day in Saalfelden can be programmed, soldered, 3D-modeled and printed, photographed, tinkered, filmed or a computer disassembled at various locations (including the HTL Saalfelden and the DO!LAB). Innovative new products or existing products have been individualized through changes, optimized or put back into operation in the interests of sustainability.

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