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IdeaSpace: Ideas for the challenges of tomorrow

On the IdeaSpace ideas platform, ideas can take shape and innovations can flourish. With the creativity and innovative ideas of the community, sustainable solutions for the challenges of tomorrow are created.

Salzburg Research has further developed the existing idea platform “Open Innovation Salzburg” and given it a new look. In the new IdeaSpace , companies, organisations and municipalities are asking for the collective intelligence of the community in the tried and tested manner.

By means of Open Innovation, traditional approaches to innovation are broken down by integrating external know-how from those affected and creative people outside the organisation into the innovation process from the very beginning. The collective intelligence and different perspectives from different walks of life of these many different people lead to an inexhaustible reservoir of fresh ideas and approaches to solutions. This democratic approach to innovation not only promotes community involvement and engagement, but also opens up a wide range of thinking and ideas that could not be achieved by traditional internal teams alone.

This fresh perspective can mean the difference between an ordinary and a breakthrough innovation. Because crowdsourcing creates a space for unconventional and radical ideas that often lie outside the framework of established thought patterns.

Do you also want to create sustainable added value with Open Innovation? We will be happy to accompany you with resources, expertise and a strong network!

Ideas competition from 1 September:
Rebooting Hope: Digital Solutions for Environmental and Social Recovery

IdeaSpace Ideenwettbewerb

All people with good ideas are invited to present their innovative solutions on how digital tools can contribute to environmental and social development. The central question is:

How can digital tools contribute to environmental and social progress and support regenerative communities?

Join in now!

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