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The KMU4.0 project (Interreg Bavaria-Austria 2014-2020) headed by Salzburg Research invited representatives from small and medium-sized manufacturing companies to a free learning excursion to Rosenheim in October. During the learning excursion you will get an overview of the technical and organizational possibilities of adding value in the age of digitization.

How do we manage to let people, machines, logistics and products communicate and cooperate with one another directly and decentrally? In order to clarify this question, we will give you a live demonstration of the system-free networking of value creation participants. In the proto_lab, employees become conductors of value creation and influence the process in terms of agile, flexible and self-organizing production and assembly cells.

Live-Stream der Lernexkursion „proto_lab“ an der TH Rosenheim im Forschungsprojekt KMU 4.0

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Constantly increasing requirements in the area of customization and digitization require quick and flexible action. The proto_lab shows how to get rid of the old, rigid and centralized company organization and thus many non-value-adding processes. People, machines, logistics and products communicate and cooperate directly and decentrally with one another. The proto_lab decentralizes responsibility and competence structures and ensures optimal, system-free networking of all value creation participants – starting with the idea for a new product, through development, production, use and maintenance.

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