Fit with ILSE: We Move 55+

Health promotion and prevention become more important with age. Salzburg Research is currently developing “ILSE” together with its partners in the fir4AAL project – an innovative, technology-supported exercise program for home and on the move. With a combination of personal care and new technologies, the 55+ generation can maintain or even improve their fitness.

“ILSE is suitable for people who want to practice independently at home and still value professional support”, says project manager Cornelia Schneider of Salzburg Research. Muscle strength, cardiovascular function and balance should be promoted. A personal coach develops an individual exercise program for the ILSE users. With the help of a tablet and your own TV you can train independently at home.

In doing so, ILSE is designed to promote not only the motivation for regular exercise, but also the proper execution of exercises. “From previous projects, we know that older people are afraid of doing something wrong with physical exercises. With ILSE, the users themselves can control whether they are performing the movements correctly”, continues Schneider.

The heart of ILSE is an individual movement program compiled by the coach, which can be carried out with the help of instructional videos on the ILSE tablet or on the television. In addition, the ILSE tablet provides ideas for outdoor activities. With exciting courses and quiz games you also learn interesting facts about calorie consumption, health and proper fitness training.

The movement program ILSE will be scientifically evaluated in 2019. The development is supported by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency as part of the benefit program.

Post picture: (c) bitmedia/istockphoto Yuri Arcurs

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