Handbook for Creative Cultural Heritage Cooperation Projects

The Handbook and Toolkit highlight the important role of creative, cross-domain cooperation in the communication and valorisation of cultural heritage. The products provide a knowledge base, inspiring examples, and recommendations for cooperation projects. Included are results of CreativeCH expert workshops and additional studies as well as 21 case studies of projects in focus areas of the project. The areas include Archaeological Sites, World Heritage Towns, Industrial Heritage, Historical Places and Buildings, Cultural Routes, and Citizens’ Cultural Participation.

The products emphasise creative communication of cultural heritage with ICT and new media. Communication is crucial for making heritage known and appreciated, and helps making the case for preserving it.

The Handbook provides a layouted version of the content (132 pages).


Editors: Guntram Geser, Veronika Hornung-Prähauser, Andreas Strasser. ISBN 978-3-902448-39-2
Free Download: www.creative-heritage.eu or: salzburgresearch.at/publikation

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