Smart Integration and Search Solutions for Corporate Data

With the Linked Media Framework Salzburg Research offers one of the few Linked Data Server worldwide as open source software on Google Code. This enables companies to build such as personalized search solutions for their data.

In many companies usually there are several data management systems, in which digital content from daily work processes are processed and stored – documents, messages, photos, movies, etc. As for specialized processes in different departments different systems are in use, there is redundant storage and description of the data. With the Linked Media Framework (LMF) relevant structures to describe the contents can now be extracted from different sources and can be made available in a company-wide accessible knowledge base. The software is a Linked Data Server coupled with a flexible, configurable semantic search. The LMF expanded existing Linked Data principles with updates and support for media content.

The open-source software can be downloaded from Google Code. Successful test runs were carried out in the ORF and Red Bull archives. Additional modular extensions are planned or already in work.

The Linked Media Framework is an essential core of the 2010 extended Competence Centre Salzburg NewMediaLab (SNML) under the direction of Salzburg Research. The software is developed from the results of the project “Kiwi “. With the release as open source software companies can now benefit from the results from this EU-funded research project.

Linked Media Framework on Google Code

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